Our COVID-19 Practices and Procedures

We care about your health and safety

Hoffacker Health & Fitness cares about your safety and health! We always want our clients to leave the gym healthier than when they arrived.

In an effort to protect not only our clients but also our staff during this season, we have implemented several protocols to help protect everyone while they are at our facilities.

  • Upon arrival, text your conditioning specialist — they will reply and let you know when to come in.
  • When you enter, both your temperature and a pulse/ox reading will be taken.
  • Your trainer will be wearing a mask as a well lab coat, so they won’t transfer anything on their clothing.
  • All equipment will be sanitized before your session and after usage in your suite.
  • Equipment in the common area has been positioned to be at least six feet apart to maintain social distancing.
  • Equipment in the common area will be sanitized after use.

Your health and fitness goals don’t have to take a back seat during this time! With these practices and procedures in place, you can safely return to our facility. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.