In-home Personal Training

Indianapolis, Carmel, and surrounding areas

What to expect in a Hoffacker
in-home personal training session:

  • Personalized, 1:1 coaching
  • Progressive, prescriptive programming to keep you moving toward your goals
  • Cable, band, and dumbbell movements, tailored to what you have available
  • Targeted stretching, flexibility, and balance exercises
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Manual decompression, massage, and manipulation
  • …all from the comfort of your home or office gym!

In-Home Personal Training is…


Say goodbye to the gym commute! Fitness that fits your schedule.


Limit exposure to others and use equipment you’re comfortable with.


Personalized, 1:1 instruction that comes to you.

Premiere In-Home Session

45 Minutes

Starting at $131/session

  • Conditioning in the comfort of your home or office gym
  • Targeted pre-workout and stretching
  • Fast-paced workout focused on strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and cardio recovery
  • Programming customized to your space and equipment
  • Post-workout massage, decompression, and manipulation