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The Swisswing – The Sore Muscle Cure

Sore Muscles There's nothing worse than sore muscles, am I right? Even if you work out on a regular basis, you will have days where your muscles are sore. Aside from being generally annoying and painful, sore muscles can hinder your performance the next time you...

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What The Power Plate Can Do For You

The Power Plate Hoffacker Health and Fitness have been a leader in using Power Plate technology since 2005. We came across this article by Steve Powell (Performance Health Systems Director of UK Training & Education) for the Fitness Superstore blog that perfectly...

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Is Protein Important Post-Workout?

Why are your muscles sore? So, you’ve started strength training — you’re feeling sore and wondering if that’s a good thing. You’re also wondering if you need to pound some of that protein powder that’s sold in something that resembles a 55-gallon drum. To answer your...

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